Body gesture data extraction using angle between two vectors method RRS feed

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    Hi all, I'm currently working on Robovie-M Motion Control via the Microsoft Kinect Controller. In simple words, a real time teleoperation human follower robot using Microsoft Kinect as Image processing tools. I've being researching and successively moved certain servo of the robot but the method used is not applicable to some of the servo parts.

    Main objective: Angle between 2 vectors are needed.

    Main Question: (The body gesture is read using the angle between vectors method)

    Angle between joints for right wrist elbow shoulder can be calculated by firstly locating the x,y,z position of the particular joint, then form 2 vectors which are the right wrist to right elbow vector followed by right elbow to right shoulder vector, finally just perform dot product on this 2 vectors to get the desired angle.

    However this method can only be used if there are a reference vector and desired vector to be moved. What if I want to rotate the right wrist elbow (desired vector) inwards outwards and the reference vector can't be extracted directly from the 20 joints location provided. Sorry I couldn't provide clearer view on this as I couldn't insert any image here. Hopefully you can understand it.

    I've be trying to create virtual vector that can't be extracted directly (currently named as virtual vector) from my tracking. Please provide any relevant link and other method are welcomed. Thanks in advance.

    Wednesday, October 3, 2012 4:05 AM