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  • I've been using Powerpivot for Excel since Gemini (more off than on).  My older version had a little hiccup(10.5?) and the ever popular - data corrupt message came up.  Ok, time to see if there is a more recent version.  Following the links from Microsoft leads to 2012 SQLServer for Excel RC0. 

    1st question.  Why on earth is Microsoft's default link a beta release?  Why not a fully developed and vetted release?  I know it's been available (in some form) for awhile but it's still buggy.  Not a great way to try to introduce a product.

    My previous Powerpivot had 2 tables SKU/Product Info.  Relationship had link from Product Info to Sku.  Sales table had related function pulling information from Sku Table.

    Now with 11.0.1750.32, same data downloaded, same relationships created, I can't connect Product info to Sku.  I can connect Sku to related Product Info.  Not a problem but now on my sales table, my related function won't work because it doesn't see the relationship.  What?  Huh?  If everything is the same - why can't I connect the two tables the same way and why can't the Related function work?

    And Grey fields.  This BUG has existed since the initial release.  There are 2 workarounds.  Close Excel and open again (which usually works - a pain - but works) and as indicated in an earlier post, it appears to be linked for some bizarre reason to the Relationship Detection button on the PowerPivot ribbon.  If clicked off, that would sometimes help nudge the Field box back into reality.  I would have thought with this newest release the BUG would be quashed.  Nope. It's worse.  Closing Excel, closing other workbooks, clicking off relationship detection.  At times, nothing seems to work. It's just gray.    I know there are other contributing factors (system environment - using laptop with Intel embedded graphics drivers), opening up other software like Powerpoint, etc., help push it one way, but seriously, someone can't figure out how to get something to display?

    In another quirky moment, my initial PowerPivot file, the one that crashed with the memory corruption, after I uninstalled the older version 10.5 (I think) and installed this version - I could open the file and get to the PowerPivot data and relationships (YEAH!)  but I couldn't generate a new measure.?  The new measure was greyed out.  Everything looked fine - all data, all relationships were there - but I couldn't create anything new.

    Also in this version, running Windows XP, on my laptop, I can't get the Diagram view to work.  At all.  Screen sort of fades, but nothing is displayed - no relationship.  Testing an earlier version (late October I think), it worked fine.  Now.  Nothing.

    Which brings me back to the initial point.  I can understand releasing beta copies for testing (thanks!), but to have this RC0 has the initial link and invite to PowerPivot  - wow - are you trying to shoot yourself in the foot on purpose?   That being said, as a frequent lurker of this 'hidden' forum (well, since they removed Powerpivot.com it's harder to find - another gripe), I fully respect and thank the work of the Powerpivot team and forum members in trying to help out.  There's just so much still left to do. 

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  someone get the grey fields issue fully resolved.  And please, some one pass this on to the powers that be.  You (Microsoft and not directed to the forum members and staff) need to get your act together!

    Thursday, January 19, 2012 3:42 PM


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