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    I am developing a VB application and in my ModelLayer have a LINQ to SQL object model, named 'MyData.dbml' which I get and put data from my ViewModel classes in my ViewLayer. No problem.

    I am trying to create a simple report. I have added a new Report in my ViewLayer named 'CampaignReport'. In the Report Data dialog I then clicked New > DataSet and in the DataSet Properties dialog box I name the dataSet and select 'ModelLayer' in the Data Source comboBox. My SQL Tables, as represented by my LINQ to SQL object model, then appeared in the 'available datasets' comboBox. Let's say I select one (Channels) and click OK.

    In my Report I drag a List item across and place my ChannelIndex field within it.

    I create a new ReportWindow, place my new Report within it and in my application write the code to show the ReportWindow.

    I run my application, add data into my Channels SQL table, view the report and I see nothing!

    I must be doing something very simple wrong, but I can't see it. Has anyone any suggestions please?

    Thank you.


    Saturday, December 31, 2011 8:31 PM

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