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  • Installed vb6 on Vista 32 Ultimate - Licence not found error- Ran VB6cli to repair -NO GO!


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    Friday, March 23, 2007 7:42 AM

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     Vista isn't half getting some stick lately.....

    Anyway three ( half-way-house-solutions, for now )>>

     1) If your new PC is fairly new and fairly fast with at least 1Gb of memory and you still have an XP disc then install it on Microsoft Virtual PC which is a FREE download at>>


    MicroSoft Virtual PC is like an emulator for another PC but it runs under the "host" operating system as a "guest operating system" and can be used for software testing without affecting the real PC or host-PC machine.

     It runs within a window, you can even share your drives with it, dead easily, just remember to turn off the virtual machine before altering the setting to SHARE your C:\ drive or a CD or DVD rom/rewriter drive or even a USB memory stick ( as a drive ).

    Then install VB6 on the virtual PC running XP or earlier.


     2) Download and install the FREE version of Visual Basic.Net as the Express edition, and start learning that. You may be able to upgrade your old VB6 projects too.

    Get it here.>>


    get the other FREE Express products from here>>


    3) Lastly with caution i advise: Partition your hard-drive and put XP or earlier on the other partition and then install VB6 to that version of windows. If you have not attempted partitioning before and you don't have the VISTA cd or DVD install disc then don't bother.

     I don't know if VISTA will detect XP if XP is installed after VISTA, however i do know VISTA does detect XP on another partition and offers to install itself on an unused hard-drive or partition.





    Friday, March 23, 2007 2:45 PM