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  • 'lo there,  >:-}

    I recently added 256 MB RAM to an old PII that used to have
    only 128 MB. The system has only a small (and hence slow)
    hard disk.
    I noticed that large programs (executables) take A LOT more
    time starting up now! X-|
    The reason for this seems to be that the programs are now
    being loaded completely into memory before the system
    executes them.
    Before, with little mem, only a bit got loaded and then it
    got executed immediately. Missing pages would thereafter be
    loaded into memory when accessed (which wasn't a big deal).

    My question is whether this behavior (which I believe is
    persistent since Windows 95) can be altered to allow for big
    programs being executed as if the system was low on mem
    (i.e.: execute immediately, load pages afterwards)?
    Are there flags for this in the PE-header or can it only be
    set at a system-level (affecting all programs) - or could
    one design a special loader to get this behavior?!?

    I think it could be of great advantage when executing big
    proggies from slow media (network, DVD, etc.)...

    Grateful for any helpful answer,
                                                    LC (

    Tuesday, November 6, 2007 2:49 PM