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  • RTL Support
    We have added support for Hebrew and Arabic languages. These were tricky as they render right to left. There are still a few issues with the implementation that we will continue to work out in future releases.

    Database Clean up
    We have made a few changes in our database for maintainability purposes. Mostly this was going back and removing things in the back end we didn't need.

    Velocity RTM
    We did some work to upgrade our cache tier from a release candidate version to the release version of the Velocity distributed cache.

    Move Chinese forums to TechNet and MSDN
    There were a handful of Simplified Chinese forums that were corrected to either their MSDN or TechNet brands. This was mostly for reporting and bookkeeping purposes.

    Retire Services Forums Data Provider
    We made a shift from hosting RSS on an external domain which required a forums data provider to hook back into the forums data source. This circular dependency was finally retired. It had not really be used for over a year. 

    Notification Queue monitoring
    We added some monitoring to help us understand when our our notification queue gets behind so we can resolve the issues that may be causing that. This service is responsible for updating user profile activities, forum recognition points recalculations and for sending live alerts.

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    Monday, August 9, 2010 8:01 PM