ReportViewer2010 SP1 and IE7 RRS feed

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  • I've recently installed ReportViewer 2010 SP1 and it seems to impact some existing reports when viewed in IE7.

    The SP1 version truncates some of my report rows and, on investigation, the difference between RV2010 and RV2010 SP1 seems to be that the height is now set in mm as opposed to pixels and the DIV attribute growRect is no longer used.


    In RV2010 a generated table DIV will look like...

    <div style="min-width: 192.5mm; width: 192.5mm; height: 454px;" growRect="true">

    In RV2010 SP1 this is now...

    <div style="min-width: 192.5mm; width: 192.5mm; height: 92.08mm;">

    This has the result of truncating the table rows as the height appears to be fixed. I guess fixing a height in mm or px makes little difference but there's an obvious difference with the growRect attribute. 

    This only appears in IE7 and IE8 compatibility mode. IE8 renders fine as does Firefox.

    I've hacked some Javascript to the page to fix it but it's not a great solution and we want to be able to use the latest RV versions going forward.

    Has anyone come across this or a Microsoft fix for this? I see there's a recent fix for RV2010 (KB2549864) but that made no difference to this issue when tested.

    Thursday, October 6, 2011 8:20 AM