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  • Server specs: OS=Windows Server 2008, R2 with latest service packs and updates, Type=64Bit, Machine Type=VMware guest server, Application=SharePoint 2010 Server, Enterprise, Account=my domain account is a local administrator on this server.

    I have installed SharePoint 2010 Server on a new ddevelopment server using the Standalone option. The installation completed successfully without incident. Rather than use my personal domain userID and passwords I created domain accounts to handle the installation and managment of SharePoint and SharePoint Services in accordance with Microsoft best practices. Following installation I also installed SQL Server 2008, R2 Management Console. Using the same domain account that was used do the SharePoint install, I logged on to the machine and started SSME. My aim is to provide access to SQL Server to the domain accounts created to manage the SharePoint environment.

    When I attempted to give my own domain account system administration access an error is generated. The error stated that the account I am using (same account used to install SharePoint) does not have the necessary credentials to assign system administration to any account. The only account that currently has system adm credentials is the default SA account.

    How do I discover the password for SA or reset it so that I can know what it is? I have had this issue in the past and was able to implement a solution. When the error message was first generated I logged out of SSME, started the SQL configuration manager, replace the existing account that run SQL services with my own domain user ID. I then rebooted the server, logged on as myself, started SSME again and was able to assign myself system admin. However, this time around this solution is not working on the new server. Would appreciate input on this.

    Monday, March 21, 2011 2:36 PM


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