during prepare infrastructure for ASR, the site recovery registration key is requested when installing the configuration server and process server. Where do I get this site recovery registration key? RRS feed

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  • during prepare infrastructure for ASR, the site recovery registration key is requested  during the configuration steps of installing the configuration server and process server.  The window say Micrsoft Azure Site Recovery Unified Setup (step 4)

    See the link below:


    Step 3- I thought this software is free?  why is it asking me to accept 3rd party terms.   I am not wanting to migrate from on premise to azure.

    Step 7- Is MySQL the open source version?,...  can we use MS SQL or it definitely have to be MySQL (open source)?  And this MySQL is installed on the configuration server?

    Step 8 - Would I select Yes for VMware virtual servers?

    Step 10 - why do we need two NICs?   Can we use the same NIC for both connectivity to on-premise machine and connectivie to Azure component for failback?  It mentions port 443 to be used by a web server to orchestrate replication operations,.. can I assume this is the  unified configuration server and process server?,... how does the web server need to be configured?   Just want to confirm that the "unified configuration and process server "is the same as the "configuration server" stated in Prepare Infrastructure>3) Source prepare - step 1 : select configuration server.

    Step 11- it states that the environment is VMware.   How does it know this during this install?,...( I do not see any option to choose VMware during this setup?)especially if this configuration server is installed on a physical server?    (do you recommend a physical server or creating this on Vmware,... which way from your experience is simpler and easier?)

    Step 8- Environment Details - would choose Yes since this is VMware migration.  Is this how the configuration server understands that this is VMware in step 11?


    Thursday, November 21, 2019 11:34 PM

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  • Regarding registration key, I see you've found an answer here

    Step 3 - You're being charged for the number of instances you protect. For example, when you protect an instance, a snapshot of the VM is taken and kept in the Azure storage account. We charge for storing this snapshot in the cloud.

    Step 7 - MySQL is a third party software, that is why you get 3rd party terms & conditions prompt to accept during installation and this configuration cannot be changed.

    Step 8 - Yes, you need to select VMware virtual servers if the set up is VMware environment.

    Step 10 - Yes, you need to 2 NICs. One for on premise and the other for connectivity to Azure components.

    Step 11 - Under protection goal > whatever you select is what pulled by configuration server.

    Thursday, November 28, 2019 2:39 PM