Issue in opening Privacy statement specified on xaml page.


  • In my Windows Phone 8.1 application, I have specified the privacy statement in a XAML Page. I have used the LOB Compliance package to load About Page. I have specified the privacyurl as "/views/privacyscreen.xaml" in MSITPackages.Config file. 

    When i click on the Privacy statement of About page, I receive the following error -

    System.ArgumentException: The given System.Uri cannot be converted into a Windows.Foundation.Uri. Please see for details.

    The same code still works perfectly fine on a Windows Phone 8.0 application. 
    Has anything changed for a Windows Phone 8.1 RT application? Can i have my privacy statement in a xaml page or should it be a web page only?

    This method Microsoft.IT.Compliance.Phone81.WPA.About.HlbPrivacy_Click() of About page is causing the issues. 

    Looking forward for some help on how to proceed to use a xaml page as privacy statement. 

    Thursday, September 3, 2015 10:24 PM