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  • I have started on working with Blend 3.

    first question:
    I want to create a simple passwordbox, no problem so far.
    But now i want to play with the passwordbox, like : set for example a password , which when typed shows a rectangle.
    i want to use for these three things a passwordbox, a button (to send the password) and a rectangle (or whatever) which is displayed when you type in the right password.! (is there a c# code which can be binded? i am not a pro at c# but i am learing it now)

    second question:
    i want to create a simple box which displays something what is written in a datatemplate.
    for example, a listbox , which gets data from code.
    for a simple example, maybe a c# code with a class person filled with 3 persons constructed (name and age, only two parameters) and they are in a loop. this loop is displayed in a box on wpf blend when the project runs. On the left side you see "name: theloopname" and ond the right side: "age: agelooped". and thats all. ill hope someone has some time to help me :)
    Sunday, September 27, 2009 12:17 PM