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  • I am looking for the basic implementation of a micro services architecture in an asp.net MVC web application. Any resources or links for examples of a simple implementation would be much appreciated.
    Friday, December 2, 2016 2:37 PM

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  • If you want to use HTTP then any simple WebAPI is an example of an HTTP micro-service. It's really about the pattern that you follow rather than the technology.


    Sunday, December 4, 2016 5:54 PM
  • Any functional cohesive service which can be developed/rewritten by a Scrum team in one sprint is a good candidate for Micro service. Make sure any internal changes with in the service should not impact the users of the service.

    Wednesday, December 14, 2016 2:16 AM
  • The "Scrum team in one sprint" is meaningless without context. I assume you mean it shouldn't take more than 2 weeks? Even so, I don't think the size of a time-box has much bearing to if a solutions should be a micro-service or not, why do you think it should?


    Saturday, December 24, 2016 8:49 PM
  • Please understand one thing , asp.net mvc web application is tightly coupled application. Please looking into asp.net in .net 4.5 application for any of web software architecture.

    Please understand the difference asp.net mvc and asp.net web application. For you software architecture micro services architecture please look in to asp.net 4.5 web application.

    Definition of micro services architecture

    Essentially, microservice architecture is a method of developing software applications as a suite of independently deployable, small, modular services in which each service runs a unique process and communicates through a well-defined, lightweight mechanism to serve a business goal.

    The database for micro services architecture please use oracle database servers.

    Thursday, February 9, 2017 4:47 AM