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  • Hey,

    I have the following function for an delayed event.

    For some reason the function is not working for numbers smaller than 21 :/ and I have no idea why.
    I also deleted all the files in the project and did a rebuild so somewhere in there must be an mistake

    Thx for the help in advance 

    void PowerNapper::MainPage::DelayTimer(int min){ int millisecond = min * 60000; timeLeft->Text="Some text for the gui"; auto timerDelegate = [this](Windows::System::Threading::ThreadPoolTimer^ timer) { auto uiDelegate = [this]() { //This part gets done when the delay Timer is over myMediaElement->Play(); timeLeft->Text=""; }; Dispatcher->RunAsync(Windows::UI::Core::CoreDispatcherPriority::Normal, ref new Windows::UI::Core::DispatchedHandler(uiDelegate)); }; Windows::Foundation::TimeSpan delay = SDKSample::ThreadPool::ThreadPoolSample::MillisecondsToTimeSpan(millisecond); SDKSample::ThreadPool::DelayTimer = Windows::System::Threading::ThreadPoolTimer::CreateTimer(ref new Windows::System::Threading::TimerElapsedHandler(timerDelegate), delay); }

    Windows::Foundation::TimeSpan ThreadPoolSample::MillisecondsToTimeSpan(long milliseconds)
    Windows::Foundation::TimeSpan time;
    time.Duration = milliseconds * 10000;
    return time;

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  • Sunday, May 12, 2013 2:32 PM
  • I did not get the function running it says incomplete type is not allowed, I also get the same massage if I write a number directly into the function. 

    	unsigned int millisecond = min * 60000;
    	void __cdecl wait(millisecond);

    Only this is compiling, but also not working properly, the gui remains responsive but the rest of the Button_Click part never gets executed

    	void __cdecl wait(  unsigned int _Milliseconds = 100);

    This is how I am starting the DelayTimer

    void PowerNapper::MainPage::Button_Click(Platform::Object^ sender, Windows::UI::Xaml::RoutedEventArgs^ e)
    	B20min->Visibility = Windows::UI::Xaml::Visibility::Collapsed; 
    	B25min->Visibility = Windows::UI::Xaml::Visibility::Collapsed; 
    	B30min->Visibility = Windows::UI::Xaml::Visibility::Collapsed; 
    	CancelAlarm->Visibility = Windows::UI::Xaml::Visibility::Visible; 
    If I can get It to work this way somehow I would be happy to, but it would be still interesting for what reason the Delay via threads is not working for numbers smaller than 21 

    Sunday, May 12, 2013 10:05 PM
  • Hi,

    I think maybe the time is too short for media element to play again. To provide this, we can changed textblock text instead of media element.

    Best regards,

    Jesse Jiang
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    Tuesday, May 14, 2013 3:08 AM
  • It was an overflow problem
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    Tuesday, May 14, 2013 6:12 PM