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  • Hello all, this is complex I will try to be as simple as possible.

    I am using a TabControl as main container.

    I load 10 TabItems when each of them is a bounded user control with one text box on it.

    The textbox is required meaning the user must insert a value in order to close the TabItem. when closing the current TabItem everything work great the TextBox present the data from the DB and the TabItem is being removed.

    But when Clicking on CloseAll Button I try to close each TabItem at a time, Now the Tab that has been visible has the DB data loaded already and they are closed successfully. But Those TabItems in the background has their TextBox value to be "" (Empty String) since those Tabs was not visible therefore Binding did not occur. How can I avoid this and still implement a CloseAll button.

    By the way it works great without Binding.

    Thanx all

    Please if someone here is about to answer

    I think this is how it suppose to work, please do not post your answer. I had recieved those answers in the past and it is very annoying.

    Wednesday, January 10, 2007 12:27 PM