In Visual Studio, matrix layout, we need the subtotal data to be the same format (colour, font, size) as the first column?


  • When you create a subtotal in the matrix format, when the report is actually produced, whilst the first column has the required background format (colour, font, size), the rest of the row is usually the same as the rows above (which would default be a white background with black text).  The result is that the subtotal row doesn't stand out as a subtotal, and it is difficult to determine what the information is saying (i.e. if producing a sales report by sales person, where the next drill down level is the customer, then it is not immediately clear that a row of data is a subtotal for the sales person).
    When you look at the table layout, the field that states there will be a subtotal can be seen, and the rest of the row is greyed out - there doesn't appear to be a way to insert a cell or change the row.
    I've tried changing the properties of the entire row - but this only appears to change the title of the subtotal, not the data/figures.
    In a "list" layout you appear to be able to add a subtotal with the fields/sum expression - but this won't work in the "matrix" layout.
    I'm working in Visual Studio 2005.

    Monday, August 10, 2009 10:28 AM