How do I set up VS environment to to include (references) certain libraries in new project by default? RRS feed

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    Visual Basic 2015, .NET 4.0, WinForms


    I notice that when starting a project, certain libraries are automatically included in "References", while others have to be added after creating the project. Is there a way to set up the environment so as to add to or remove from the list of "automatic" references, so that certain libraries that I use frequently don't have to be manually added to "References" for every new project?

    I have a custom control which depends on a secondary library, basically requiring me to add that library to "References" before I place any instances of the control onto any forms in a "host project"; otherwise, the attempt fails with a big referencing error. Is there a way to set up the control so that adding it to a host project automatically adds the secondary reference(s)--i.e., so that if ControlX.dll (Public-ly) uses Library.dll, putting ControlX on a form will automatically add a reference in the host project to Library.dll too?

    Robert Gustafson

    Tuesday, December 24, 2019 7:09 AM


  • Hello,

    Create a project with the required library then select Project menu, then "Export template". This allows the project to be available.

    The other option is to create a NuGet package and host it locally (Hosting your own NuGet Feeds). This is a more advance option. 

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