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  • Hi,


    I have a problem that I tried to solve myself for nearly three months, but without any sufficient solution.


    I have Windows Mobile based PPC and I am using WMDC to synchronize it with my PC, mostly with Outlook, which I use to organize mail, calendar, contacts and tasks. I downloaded Outlook Connector, because I am a user of the Windows Live service. It works fine, but I have two "data" folders and therefore two profiles in Outlook. One is Personal Folder which I do not wanna use, the second is my live.com folder which I connected with live.com web-based email and it was also created by the Outlook Connector.


    The sync between Personal Folder (useless for me) and my Windows Mobile 6 works fine, all data is 2-way synchronized. The main problem is caused when I try to delete the "Personal Folder" Data File Profile or I set as not default data profile. Then the sync does not work, none of the sync content. And the Sync Center reveals an error which is described like this: "Cannot synchronize with the Outlook profile you are using, because a different profile was previously set up or the profile is password-protected.
    Please open Outlook using the appropriate profile."


    When I set the Personal Folder back to default, it works flawlessly again.


    What should I do then? Is there any possibility how to fix this? Is it a bug? It is really important for me to sync my Live.com with Outlook on my PC and my Pocket Outlook. The calendar mainly, I really don't want to make all my appointments twice - once on my PPC and then again on my PC or in my Live.com Calendar.


    Any help would be appreciated. Sorry for my mistakes, I ain't a native speaker.


    I can add any more details you need.


    Thanks in advance,


    Sunday, September 21, 2008 2:33 PM

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  • do not worry about the english language--most people are not native users. i am always suprised at how well foreigners use the language, which is often better than ordinary americans.


    i have a similar problem with my blackberry. i cannot get blackberry contacts in sync with hotmail contacts. see my thread at experts-exchange. i had no success solving the problem and i have accepted my situation; i no longer use the hotmail contact list. i maintain my contacts and calendar with outlook only, and only use hotmail to send and receive email. i do not want to get a new email service, as some have suggested, because i do not want to tell 500 family, friends, and other acquantances that i have a new email address.

    Wednesday, October 8, 2008 6:31 PM