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  • Dear All,

    One of the requirement our client have is to get the requirement track change. TFS provides tracking of changes however they need it another manner. What I would like to know is there a way to achieve it.

    In TFS all the changes in the requirement are track in History. If the description of requirement gets changed it displays in history the change made to description field. However my client is looking for a way by which it will highlight the changes made to the description field.

    For ex.

    Description field contains - This is a requirement.

    Some body modified the requirement to - This is a functional requirement.

    Now TFS will show in history Older value was - This is a requirement and new value is - This is a functional requirement.

    What they want is the change that happens to the description, addition of text or modification of text should be highlighted with different color or be bold with different color. A mechanism which clearly show if the requirement is 1000 words then when modified, one can view easily which connect has been added or removed or modified.

    They are comparing with the feature HP ALM  and IBM ALM has where they show changes in similar manner.

    Is there a way I could achieve this in TFS ?

    Secondly they want there should be a way from where they could extract exact requirement every time it got modified. For ex. requirement has been modified 5 times. Now there should be a mechanism which will allow users to extract each version of requirement separately.

    Version 1. This

    Version 2. This is

    Version 3. This is a

    Version 4. This is a requirement.

    Version 5. This is a functional  requirement.

    I know we can fetch this type of versioning for TFS Database however the problem is when to make out the description for requirement got changed. As version history will be modified every time any field gets changed. Any idea how to achieve this ? We are more concern with changes to description rather than its sate or assigned to or any other fields.

    Are the above two question valid for TFS. Any suggestion would be appreciated.


    Ahetejazahmad Khan.

    Ahetejazahmad Khan.

    Wednesday, October 25, 2017 6:23 AM