what architiecht to use for small and medium levle applications ? plz guide RRS feed

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    Thanks for your attention and time.

    Pleae gudie what can be best application archtecture for small and mediaum application.

    My considerations are:

    1. Easy managment and modification

    2. Code Reusability

    3. Time safty

    4. Easy testing and deployment

    Please consider below archetcture, I will thankful to you for your comments and feedback.

     A empty Solotion which have the following projects in it.

     1.  A Web (UI)

    2. A Class Library (Controler)   UI will communicate will other projects and classes through it and not directly.

    3. A Class Library (Customer types/ business objects)

    4. A Class Library (Business Logic)

    5. A Class Library (Common Library) It will be used in multiple projects.

    Please guide is there any better way to do this ? If What I mentioned above is some patren or named  model please guide me what is it ?

    so thanks for your precious time, sharing and helping me.

    Friday, December 18, 2009 7:30 AM