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  • I am trying to integrate microsoft graph api into our outlook add-in. I have registered add-in by following below documentation.

    I have updated add-in manifest and added webapplicationinfo based on below documentation.

    The problem is happening when I try to get access token for graph api by using below code.

    Office.context.auth.getAccessTokenAsync(function (result) {
       if (result.status === "succeeded") {
           // Use this token to call Web API
           var ssoToken = result.value;
       } else {
           if (result.error.code === 13003) {
               // SSO is not supported for domain user accounts, only
               // work or school (Office 365) or Microsoft Account IDs.
           } else {
               // Handle error

    while executing above code, I got screen for granting permission and when I grant all permissions the callback function is getting executed from office.js with failure response.

    code: 13005,
    message: "Missing grant for this add-in.",
    name: "Preauthorization missing."

    My administrator grant all add-in permission by following below documentation.

    any ideas?

    Thursday, November 1, 2018 4:19 PM

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