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  • Hi,

    We are suppose to get rid of windows group sql server login (AD\Developers) from production server. I tought that the object owner is actually schema owner where the object resides.

    However, when I run:

    select user_name(uid), * FROM sysobjects --sql server 2000 system table

    ...I get several tables who are "owned" by the windows group login that we want to get rid of... At the same time, when I run (for one of these tables from the previous t-sql):

    select suser_sname(dp.sid), * from sys.objects o 
    inner join sys.schemas s on s.schema_id = o.schema_id 
    inner join sys.database_principals dp on dp.principal_id = s.principal_id
    where o.object_id = <this table object_id>

    ... I get 'sa'  as suser_sname(dp.sid) (no mention of AD\Developers anywhere)... I know that sysobjects is the old, legacy system table (sql server 2000), but still, where is this discrepancy coming from (obviously it reads it from somewhere)? I am worried if we drop this group server login, what will happen with the objects "owned" by it...

    Any thoughts?



    Monday, October 21, 2013 2:47 PM


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