is Visual Studio 2015 License free for a single user?



    Hi, I have recently retired and find that I have at last the time to take up a hobby. I would like to start programming and am lead to believe that Visual Studios is probably the best programming sweet to go with. I have just come across this page and it says that It can be downloaded for free for single developers ect.

                    I have no wish to make commercial software but wish to try and make some useful programs for my own use. I also would like to take the offer of free training(obviously) if this were offered.

                    I have had a look at your license but being a lay man can not make head or tail of it.

                    Would you please advise me as to wether or not I can use the Suit for my own purpose for free as it states?

    Monday, February 22, 2016 12:28 PM