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  • I have a custom hub that calls the Rest API via VSS. The call to retrieve the list of team members are now encounter an error, .getTeamMembers results into the TypeError: coreRestClient.getTeamMembers is not a function

    var coreRestClient = TfsCoreRestClient.getClient();
    coreRestClient.getTeamMembers(TFSPROJECTID, TEAMPROJECTID).then(results => { /* code */ });

    the code below that retrieves the list of teams is currently working.

    coreRestClient.getTeams(TFSPROJECTID).then(results => { /* code */ });

    The call getTeamMembers was working properly before. Were there any changes on the API? The API docs for the getTeamMembers seems to be the same. Calling the Rest API by issuing a HTTP GET request works fine as well.

    Friday, November 3, 2017 9:07 PM

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  • Resolved. Error does not occur anymore.
    Sunday, November 5, 2017 6:03 AM
  • Hi W. J. Miñano,

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    Monday, November 6, 2017 7:41 AM
  • But I have the same issue...

                     var coreClient1 = VSS_Service.getCollectionClient(Core.CoreHttpClient);
                        coreClient1.getTeamMembers(projectId, teamIds[i],undefined,undefined).then(

    got error - 

    vss-bundle-ext-core-vXmFrbZVv9in776dlqjrJLCGMci5PQIF14Ug3E2n2Ku0=:297 TypeError: coreClient1.getTeamMembers is not a function
        at main.js:52
        at c (vss-bundle-ext-core-vXmFrbZVv9in776dlqjrJLCGMci5PQIF14Ug3E2n2Ku0=:282)
        at vss-bundle-ext-core-vXmFrbZVv9in776dlqjrJLCGMci5PQIF14Ug3E2n2Ku0=:282
        at t.u.promiseDispatch (vss-bundle-ext-core-vXmFrbZVv9in776dlqjrJLCGMci5PQIF14Ug3E2n2Ku0=:282)
        at vss-bundle-ext-core-vXmFrbZVv9in776dlqjrJLCGMci5PQIF14Ug3E2n2Ku0=:282
        at MessagePort.t (vss-bundle-ext-core-vXmFrbZVv9in776dlqjrJLCGMci5PQIF14Ug3E2n2Ku0=:282)

    Any idea?

    Friday, June 26, 2020 4:03 PM