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  • In the Windows AER App Guidance Doc: 3.1 UX Bar Test cases there is a test case that talks about constraining content so it only scrolls in one direction.  Can you clarify the following?


    Our app's primary orientation is landscape. 

    In the Hub, we have three distinct sections that the user can navigate between by panning horizontally. 

    One of the three sections has a list of items that could extend below the initial vertical height of the screen, ie, users would have to vertically scroll down within that section to see all of the items.

    I've searched through all the documentation online and I don't see anything, besides this test case, that addresses a combination of vertical and horizontal scrolling.  I do see that there is no set bottom margin for the content area.

    My questions are:

    -in the hub, must all section content end at the same bottom point or can content in one section scroll vertically below the initial horizontal screen height?

    -If yes, does this apply to other levels of the hierarchy, ie, section pages? Can the user both pan across discrete content blocks within a section page as well as vertically scroll a particular block of content?

    Thanks for your help and/or direction to specific documentation I should look at.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2012 10:49 PM

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  • I can't speak to the exact rules Microsoft is using.  But from what I've seen, typically in this case your larger section would take up more than one "pane" or viewport of data and continue to create panes until you've shown all the data.  We use this paradigm all over the app we are building and it works fine.  You probably will want to set up your own snap points so that users can correctly swipe within a section when it takes more than one screen to show it all.
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