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  • Hi

    We are working on a smart client application and have some deployment related question for the same.


    Requirement -


    1) We are building a smart client application for our clients.

    2) We intend to deploy the application using Click once.

    3) We also intend to deploy and update DB schema and other DB options using click once, The SQL Server will also contain reports and reporting services which should be configured by our deployment.


    Constraints -

    1) The client will use Windows 2000 Pro operating system as clients.

    2) We will have .Net 2.0 on the clients

    3) We wish to use the tool mageUI.exe for our deployment <>


    Problem Statement -

    1) The deployment installs SQL Server 2005 Express editions.

    2) The deployment should configure IIS for reporting services.

    3) The deployment creates a database and updates the same.

    4) The deployment in later time not only updates the binaries but also the DB schema and programmable options vis we can update both the DB tables and SP's.

    5) The local reporting server should be updated by the deployment.


    I would appreciate any help in this regard to solve this problem or a part of the problem.





    Gaurav Verma


    Wednesday, January 2, 2008 4:57 AM

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  • Hi


    I'm sure ClickOnce is not able to do what you want in your desired configuration. ClickOnce installs the apps per user, so SQL Server Express edition does not work with it because it is a Windows Service. You might consider using SQL Server Compact edition instead. Why do you need to configure IIS for reporting services, there is no reporting services in SQL Server Express edition. Instead of using reporting services you can use just the ReportViewer Windows Forms control with local reports (*.rdlc files) instead of using reports published on reporting services. The local reports give you the same rendering possibilities as the published reports though report parameter prompts are not displayed and you must create the queries in your code rather than within the report.




    Thursday, January 3, 2008 1:57 PM
  • Hi,


     I would suggest you to use Red-Gate SQL Depoyment Tools. The cool aspect of this tool is it also generates Code C# code for deploying databases along with all the objects needed that inludes any changes in the reference data


     Moreover it also supports upgrading a database schema from previous versions.


     You can customise the code to fit into your requirements and use "Click Once" to deploy you application alsong with database installation.


    I am using the same technique for all my applications.









    Friday, January 4, 2008 3:45 PM