Moving from one state to another state in State Machine Workflow RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have created a state machine workflow using SITE WORKFLOW (not LIST WORKFLOW) to deploy it on Project Server site. I've created this workflow to create the Projects in EPM 2010, which will process through different stages using the workflow.

    I have these stages in the workflow: Project creation, Project Fields, Approval, Execution, Post Mortem.

    Project creation, Project Fields, Approval--These stages I've put in State 1 under the event driven activity. At the end of this state I've use 'setstate' property to move it to next sate. Under next state which property out of - stateacivity, eventderivenactiivity, stateinitializationactivity should I use so that my workflow could move to the next state and process further.

    I am not able to move from first state to second state. In first state, my all the stages run sequentially. Thats why i've put those stages in one state. in the second stagt, it will check the value of customfield 'XYZ' (say). If it is 'ABC' (say) then it should move to the next stage (which i'll put into the next state). else it'll remain in that stage only. I couldn't use if-else here (because there are lot of values in the drop down of 'XYZ') and somehow I got to know that while loop doesn't work on sharepoint site.

    How could I accomplish this task. Please help.

    Dinesh Bhardwaj

    Saturday, November 10, 2012 7:55 AM