Client data migration over slow WAN


  • Hi all,

    I'm currently in the process of upgrading one of my clients that is running server 2003.

    They have a slow upload link so I am not able to upload the hundred and 150 GB from their site. This site is about five hours drive away from the nearest city. I have taken a copy of their data and will be uploading this into Azure virtual machines or storage. The problem I'm having is that the copy I have is already a few days old so I need to be able to on a daily basis sync data from on-site with what I have already copied into Azure. I have gone through a number of file copying applications such as Cloud Berry, AzCopy, etc. and they all seem to change the date modified of the files when they are copied across. Can I get some opinions of what you guys are using in order to do the above.

    Thanks for help in advance.
    Friday, May 22, 2015 8:07 AM


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