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  • Hello, 

    Last week i migrated from my Windows Services 2003 Classic based environment to a new Sharepoint 2013 Foundation Claim based environment. So far i only have 2 issues, of wich number 1 most likely is a build in feature.

    Number 1: Web part permission Errors

    If people do not have permission to see a web part, it is no longer hidden. But instead it says "Error you do not have permission to see this".

    • Even after redoing all permissions from the root to the bottom subsites.
    • I tried something with Jquerry but i can't get it to work.
    • I added the following into a script editor.

    <script src="jquery/jquery-2.2.3.min.js"></script>
      <script language="javascript">

    $(document).ready(function() {
      $("div:contains('Access denied'):not(:has(div))").hide();


    Number 2: This is my main problem

    For some reason there is only 1 user who has this problem. When he opens an Excel document in Sharepoint, he gets asked to fill in his credentials. The user who gets the popup has had his profile reset. And only gets it on his laptop i currently have in my posession. On the new one i gave him he does not have this problem.

    I have done the following to prevent this:

    1. On the security tab on both Intranet and trusted sites, i made sure the Log on automatic setting as current user has been turned on. 
    2. - I added his credentials for both the intranet site and FQDN for the server on the credential manger.
    3. -I tried resetting his IE (11) & delete all passwords, coockies, browser history etc. 
    4. -I disabled/enabled all Sharepoint plugins.
    5. -Reïnstalled Microsoft Office 2007 standerd edition.
    6. -Tried to find something called "Online documents" in Excel. Could not find it.

    So as you can see, im kind of at a loss. 

    I aslo need to mention we have been using NTLM for the old Sharepoint environment, and are still using this on the new Sharepoint environment. We are also stil running on 2003 DC's.

    I also forgot to mention that alle users in the domain don't have our intranet in there trusted sites. And it works perfectly for them. So i assume that is not the problem

    I hope someone could help me out here, i would realy appericiate it.

    Yours truley,

    Joey Benning

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