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    I have a need to obfuscate some variables I am using in a C program. The variables are used as parameters in some library calls etc. For this purpose I have been trying to learn some about obfuscation, which is quite a new subject to me, and somewhat confusing. Basically what I intend to do is to make the logic related to setting the variables more complicated and maybe do some control flow flatting etc. This is to combat static analysis. But then there is also something called dynamic analysis. I don't know if I have got this right, but they say that you can debug the machine code program or maybe the reverse engineered assembly code program. But then, stepping through the program, should one then not be able to read the values of all the variables that possibly are changing with changing input? So how then can variables actually be obfuscated? If someone could help me to throw some light on this issue, it would very much be appreciated.

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    Tuesday, June 18, 2013 12:57 PM