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  • As many of the regulars on this forum know I have been toying around with the ClickOnce deployment feature in Whidbey Beta 2 for a few days now. And while there are alot of things I really like about the feature it still leaves a little bit to be desired. Below is a list of features / bug fixes that I would like to see implemented. I hope someone at MS is listening. ;)

    - Hopefully the bug where having spaces in the Application / Assembly names causes an invalid manifest to be generated can be fixed. This is number one on my list for a reason.

    - To allow for, dare I say it in this forum, cross-browser compliance ClickOnce's publish.htm should provide a link to a downloadable setup file which could simply be the CD Setup version. Personally I am going to be offering this in my edited version of publish.htm

    - I would really like it if Add/Remove Programs used my installed program's icon instead of the icon for ClickOnce. This has been the first question I've gotten from everyone I've shown the feature to.

    - I would really like it if ClickOnce placed an uninstall item in the apps program menu. ClickOnce designers, this is where most people go to uninstall apps, not to the control panel. This is the second question I get from people I show the feature to.

    - I would really like to have the option to have ClickOnce install a shortcut on the desktop.

    - Also, there should be the option to display a License Agreement page to the user either in HTML or preferably as a Dialog Box before continuing with the installation the first time through.

    These are some things that MSI or other installers already do and are therefore simply expected behaviors by users. As any good designer knows you do not want to mess with expected behaviors, or you're likely to confuse people.

    ClickOnce is a very promising deployment option but it needs to have the same features that the MSI has.

    I can see them starting to merge in the future.

    I encourage others to use this thread to list their feature requests / bug fix requests as well.

    If anyone from MS could comment on this post I would be thrilled. ;)

    Thursday, June 16, 2005 7:01 PM

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  • I agree with you on every point.  At the very least, you should have the option of putting a shortcut on the desktop.
    Unfortunately, with the exception of the bug fix, I don't think any of these "improvements" will be made for the official release as Microsoft has said they do not have the time to implement any new features to Clickonce before the release date.
    Friday, July 22, 2005 2:49 PM
  • Some I agree with (displaying the program's icon in Add/Remove Programs, for example), but others I'm not sure about.

    For example, showing a license would go against the philosphy of "ClickOnce" (being that you only need to click once) IMHO.

    Also, I hate it when install programs put icons on my desktop. If it's an option, then it would have to be an option for the user, not the developer. And again, you've just added at least one more click.

    Saturday, July 23, 2005 1:36 PM
  • Amazing that no-one from MS has replied to this. They are all valid points as others have pointed out. However ClickOnce WORKS and from a user perspective is COOL. I've been running a Beta program for several months with it and universal reaction is positive : no more zips, running setup, checking for updates etc. You can accept a lot of constraints for those pluses.

    I guess realistically nothing will happen now until VS2005 SP1 is released (?oct 06). But just in case I've misunderstood: is it really not possible to have your application's icon show in the Add/Remove control panel applet ? Sometimes I get the Help icon - ie big question mark which is weird. Also there are no stats on program size - is this, as they say, "by design".

    Also what's the legal position if we can't show our EULA's any more whilst installing ? What is recommended best practice - just put the EULA in the deployment directory? ( which it has to be said is a tad difficult to locate !)


    Friday, February 24, 2006 4:36 PM
  • Some of the features you have mentioned may get included in future versions, others are often contrary to ClickOnce basic concept. See Adriaan's response here - http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=255987&SiteID=1
    Friday, February 24, 2006 9:13 PM
  • Hi All,


    As this thread has attracted a big readership I thought I'd add a supplement to my previous comment.

    I've just released my ClickOnce enabled commercial shareware app. and have hit a couple of problems which others might want to anticipate rather better than I have.

    First, try as you may you will not stop users wanting to treat a ClickOnce install as a traditional unzip/setup exe affair. So they go looking for the app. files and then move them - usually into the Program Files folder somewhere. Then they will try to run the app. by running the manifest etc.etc. You will be deluged with complaints that the app. doesn't work, accusations that ClickOnce is a sinister plot etc..

    More seriously there's the issue of licensing.And  I don't mean putting a EULA in front of your users because this can be easily done on your site before they download. With zips/setup exes, users got used to being able to reinstall the app. on their home machine/laptop/studio rack etc. ClickOnce (now) seems to me to be locked in to a "single user license per machine" installation scenario and at this stage I can't see any alternative (short of CD pressing) to re-downloading (and therefore relicensing) for each install.

    On the plus side ClickOnce really WORKS in a live situation comfortably handling hundreds of downloads without a flicker. Well done MS ( but please put the desktop icon back !)

    I'd welcome any reponses from "micro-developers" who are using ClickOnce in live situations and any suggestions for a ClickOnce compatible, flexible licensing model.

    Oh, and a final point. Download managers play havoc with ClickOnce !



    Thursday, March 30, 2006 8:36 PM