RTM Known Issue: Tile notifications sometimes don't appear till the user moves the tile RRS feed

  • Question

  • New tile notifications don't always appear on tiles. This happens whenever there's a change in visibility of the badge (went from no badge to showing a badge, or vice versa). This also happens whenever there's an accent color change (which will be very frequent when using a desktop background slideshow with auto-colorization).

    Repro for badge case

    1. Have an existing secondary tile with a notification displayed, but no badge
    2. Send badge update, notice badge correctly appears
    3. Send new tile notification, notice it doesn't appear till the user moves the tile to a new location

    Saturday, September 5, 2015 12:17 AM


  • Status: Fixed for TH2 (fixed since build 10552)

    Workaround: If acceptable, you could remove your badge from your tile so that your users don't run into this issue as frequently (assuming the tile notification is more important than the badge).

    Saturday, September 5, 2015 12:19 AM