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  • Hello everybody.

    I am having an issue, and I have no clue if it is due to our TFS configuration, disk issues, or what.

    We have TFS2015.3 and SQL Server 2016, both in different servers. 

    For the Data Server, we have 4 drives, one for the SO, other for Data, other for Logs and other for the TempDB.

    We are a med company, with over 100 people using the TFS, and we have automated builds and test plans (as for the last couple of months).

    I've been monitoring the app, as some people are complaining about how slow it was. Everything seems optimal, except for the Disk activity. I've seen Disk Queue Length of over 3000 (and the normal, I read, is 0-5). It is not constant, but it does happen.


    Also, I've seen disk read/write is exagerate as well (I think so). 

    The think is, I don't know if it is a normal behavior, as I don't have anything to compare against. Is it normal? What can I do to improve this behavior (any suggestion is valid)?

    Right now, we have 1 HD of 2TB SATA 6Gbps 7.2K.


    Tuesday, September 26, 2017 7:17 PM

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  • could you ask your DBA to check what is causing the IO in SQL Server ?

    could it be related to your other thread about TFS Warehouse issues?

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    Tuesday, September 26, 2017 7:54 PM
  • Hello Daniel.

    I am the DBA (but not an expert), and I am not 100% on how to check that. I've been monitoring, and I am sure on which databases are having a lot of read-write, but exactly what process is causing that, I have no clue.

    And about the other thread, I don't think so, as that other behavior is really weird (it is already working). 

    Any other clue?

    Tuesday, September 26, 2017 8:57 PM