Bluetooth SCO audio problem after headset button press induced hang-up RRS feed

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  • Short story - first incoming voice phone call after reboot works fine.  Second incoming call will only get audio in one direction.

    Long story -  Windows CE 6.0 - R3, all monthly updates up to and including M10 2012

       CellCore catalog item enabled (SYSGEN_CELLCORE)

       Professional license

       ARM device (Marvel PXA166)

       Microsoft's bluetooth stack and audio gateway (SYSGEN_BTH, SYSGEN_BTH_AG)

       RIL driver for our modem is provided by the manufacturer (Cinterion)

    I'm working on both the OS and an application to allow voice calls using a 3G modem (Cinterion PHS8 -- AT&T network).  At the moment it is the OS that is causing me trouble.  The OS (without my dialer application) will automatically cause a properly paired bluetooth headset to "ring" on an incoming call.  If I press the button on the headset, the call will be answered.  I can carry on a conversation and audio is heard as would be expected (both at the headset and at the remote phone).  Now this is where it gets tricky and I could use some help.... If the remote phone ends the call then the next incoming call will work correctly.  However, if the call is ended by pressing the button on the headset then the next incoming call only gets audio in one direction... from headset to remote phone. 

    Any ideas?


    Thursday, November 29, 2012 9:55 PM