Generate a report on top of Parameter based Crosstab Query RRS feed

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  • I've used Crosstab Query to show hours worked by an employee each day. Base table consists of three columns only i.e., EmployeeName, WorkDate and HoursWorked. I've used Parameters in a Crosstab query which takes Start and End dates for the report I would like to see. I'm attaching Design View of a query, and results after the query is executed. Criteria for a Start date is 15/12/2015 and End date as 18/12/2015 in attached results.

    Query works fine as long as it is a query, but as soon as I create Report on top of this query, it starts asking me the Start and End Dates repeatedly, i.e., at least once for each record. For eg, if i've 3 records to display (attached) it'll ask me Start and End dates three times.

    I'm also uploading the database here if it could be helpful for someone willing to help:

    Could anyone help me to fix this please? or suggest an alternate working solution please??


    Saturday, December 19, 2015 1:17 PM