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    I'm a third year software design student.  The company I am currently working for want me to create a parser to parse different chapters from 100's of word documents and export to excel spreadsheet.  I am running this within an Excel vba...I have created a multi list populated by a config file (list of chapter headings).  Based on selection, the program must parse that chapter.  So 1: I need to somehow link that selection to the bookmarks, and 2: I need to set a range from that bookmark to the next bookmark.  Once that is done I can then select the range, copy and paste etc...

    There is an index page on which all chapters are listed all chapters have hyperlinks, and there are invisible bookmark at each chapter heading.  I have listed a snippet of the chapters and their corresponding bookmarks below.

    _Toc292701022 Introduction
    _Toc292701023 Document history
    _Toc292701024 Purpose
    _Toc292701025 Scope
    _Toc292701026 Prerequisites and Dependencies
    _Toc292701027 Open Issues
    _Toc292701028 Decision Log
    _Toc292701029 Assumptions
    _Toc292701030 Input Requirements
    _Toc292701031 Main Requirements
    _Toc292701032 External Stakeholder Requirements
    _Toc292701033 System Functionality and Characteristics impacts
    _Toc292701034 Statement of problem
    _Toc292701035 Use Case Impacts

    If anyone could help me I would appreciate it.  I just need to find out how to link bookmarks to selection and then how to set a range, I would be so so so so grateful...I know this logic will work, it's just the implementation of it, I have 3 weeks experience in vba and I am teaching myself so I would be very grateful for assistance



    Friday, March 16, 2012 2:00 PM

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