Replication of Domain user's properties between domain controllers RRS feed

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  • Hello everybody. I don't know if it's right to post the question here,but I am being puzzled by a problem about AD.

    I am building a system about exchange and need to get a few of AD properties of  the domain user.
    (There a more than one DC).
    But when I tried to get the "LastLogin" property of a user, I got the error with code "0x8000500D" sometimes.
    I have searched many site and found that the "LastLogin" property can't be replicated between DCs of the domain.So if the user logged in to the DC_A and I fetch the property from the DC_B, the error occured.
    (Maybe something can be found here:
    And find "LastLogin")

    Not only "LastLogin", but also "PasswordExpired","PasswordExpirationDate","UserAccountControl" is being fetched in my program.But I didn't find any information about if these properties can be replicated.
    If anyone can tell me some evidence about that if these properties can be copied between DCs, it will be very helpful.
    Or is there any refferences about this?

    Thanks a lot!

    Thursday, April 12, 2007 1:16 PM