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    We have approx 800 Windows Mobile devices in our estate (Exchange Server 2007). I compiled an accurate list of all these users and their devices, using a Powershell script, and some human intel!

    This is the script I was provided to return a list of all our device partnerships out there:


    $mbx = get-casmailbox -Filter {HasActivesyncDevicePartnership -eq $true -and -not DisplayName -like "CAS_{*"}

    [string]::join(',',("Name","Display Name","","Model","Phone No","Device ID","DeviceIMEI","First Sync","Last Sync"))> "C:\ocs scripts\pda.csv"

    foreach ($user in $mbx) {

    $dev=get-activesyncdevicestatistics -mailbox $user.Name

    [string]::join(',',($, $user.DisplayName, $dev.devicemodel, $dev.devicephonenumber, $dev.deviceid, $dev.DeviceIMEI, $dev.FirstSyncTime, $dev.LastSuccessSync)) >> "C:\ocs scripts\pda.csv"

    As you can see it gives me plenty of detail about all the partnerships and outputs into a csv file on the server. Now, what I'm wanting to do is run a report that will only show me new EAS partnerships created since I last run the above report (about 2 months ago) so I can update my list. Anyone got any ideas? Is there a way to report on eas partnerships created after a certain date...or a way to output a fresh run of the above report into a format that I can 'sort' by first sync date in Excel or something?

    Thanks in advance!


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