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  • I need to build an application in which it loads data for all the domain objects at once from a given forecast.  The reason I need to load all the data is because the application allows the user to split any 2 forms in the same window.  Thus, if they change one assumption from form a, it will be reflected in form b and I do not want to reload all the data in form b, which is how the previous programmer designed this. 

    Thus, all my objects need to be relational.  I was thinking of using a framework to help me with this.  Any advice on what my best options are?   
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  • You should ask Architecture questions in the Architecture forums.

    You will get more and better answers in this forum.

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    Rudy  =8^D
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    Wednesday, January 27, 2010 8:23 PM
  • You should plan to use Entity Framework.
    It is an Object relational mapping framework from Microsoft designed primarily to depict relational data stored in databases into application objects/domain model in an efficient manner.

    Check resources here.

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    Thursday, January 28, 2010 6:23 AM
  • depending on how much data you are talking about, loading 'all the domain objects' may not be a good idea in terms of initial performance but more importantly memory used.

    what you describe sounds much like the MV of MVC or even good-ol document-view. either of these concepts allow you to refresh the display without having to re-fetch data. it comes down to implementation.

    entity is good if your deployment environment is compatible, else consider the bindingsource and datasets which bind well to object-hierarchies and databases respectively.

    Micky D
    Thursday, March 11, 2010 5:51 AM
  • Are you dealing with Web based forms or windows based forms.

    There will be separate approaches for them.
    Thursday, March 11, 2010 5:07 PM