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  • I have to show product serial numbers in a Sales Invoice Report. I simply want two columns i.e "S.No" and "Product Serial #" in my product serial sub-report. So, there is a lot of space on the page and I want display data in multiple columns. e.g

    S.No    Product Serial    S.No    Product Serial    S.No    Product Serial   and so on

    So I put a matrix inside a list and set the list DetailsGroup expression to "=Ceiling(RowNumber(Nothing)/4)". Then I added the a row group to the matrix with the expression "=rownumber("list1_Details_Group")" where "list1_Details_Group" is the name of the details group of the list. It works great. The data is divided into four columns on the same page but I am facing a big problem.

    I have simply put the expression "First(<Field Name>)" for the product serial. What expression should I put for the S.No textbox ?

    Rownumber(Nothing) gives an error of scope. I have also tried to use custom code as below:

    Public Dim COUNT AS LONG = 0
    Public Function COUNTINC() As LONG
      COUNT +=1
      COUNTINC =count
    End Function
    and put the expression "=CODE.COUNTINC()" in the S.No textbox. It works but the number increases in the horizontal direction and I want it in vertical direction. Please suggest a solution. Also advise whether I am using right approach to divide data into columns. Thanks in advance.

    Friday, March 4, 2011 1:50 PM