The database could not be opened because vba project cannot be read RRS feed

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  • This issue occurs on my device after I have updated Windows and Office.
     Of course, I tried it on another device, it worked normally
    Windows 10 version
    Office 2019 version
    Office 2016 also tried the same problem

    The problem appears in any database, whether old or new, the problem appears in the language, 
    although the language in Windows is normally set (Arabic, Yemen)

    Message for code ::

    Private Sub Ø £ Ù… Ø ± 1_Click ()

    (Ø £ Ù… Ø ± 1) This is written in Arabic, but in the code it appears (zz)

    The translation was done through Microsoft Translator
    Thursday, July 23, 2020 11:37 AM