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  • I work from home but am computer illiterate in terms of making it work better. My google chrome slows up towards the end of the day, as does my mozilla firefox, and after turning off some extensions, I explored some other forums and downloading malwarebytes seemed the way to go as it removes spyware which slows down your computer I was advised by the forum. I downloaded a free trial, and it recommended quarantining five files. When I restarted my computer all my browsing history, documents and photos, music files had gone!!!!! PANIC!!!!!! Thanks to a friend I restored to a restore point and everything is back to normal now, with no malwarebytes on my computer. One thing that confused me was it said 'create system restore'. I was looking for something that referred me back rather than asking me to do something now as I thought things were now bad and I didnt want to create a restore point now. 
    Tuesday, February 7, 2017 10:25 AM