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  • Interresting application brewing here.  I'll paint you a version of the picture using a made up scenario so you don't have to deal with the industry specific mumbo-jumbo of the actual problem.


    Picture the typical home weather station.  An individual station provides several different measurements of the weather: temperature, humidity, wind speed, barometric pressure, etc.


    The world is filled with such stations - there may infact at some point be one in every home, business, etc.


    As a weather geek, I'd like to get access to the data on some of these stations, but probably not all of them.  I may also be interrested in the data from different stations (perhaps even down to the measurement level) at different rates.  The temperature at my neighbors house I want to know every second, but the temperature in Bermuda maybe only once per hour.


    I'm picturing some sort of a decentralized directory system (similar to AD with its multi-master characteristics) to keep track of all these stations.  Then, a P2P network using a pub/sub model to initiate communications.  Finally, use a streaming media like protocol (complete with IP multicast) to fill the subscriptions so that there aren't really 10,000,000 connections to the popular sites (like the top of Mt. Everest which will be stuck using satelite for bandwidth).


    Now for the catch, the data rates in my made up scenario using weather stations would be relatively low.  My real app is talking to meters that take measurements at up to 100 times / second.  It gets worse, not only are the data rates high (data packet size is manageable though), but latency is a killer.


    Just curious what the group thought.


    Also, if you think I'm on the right track here - give me your thoughts on how usable WCF is in this scenario.







    Monday, August 13, 2007 8:41 PM

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    Hi Matt,

    This is a very interesting problem.

    Please post more details of the problem for everyone's benefit and any specific questions.

    You may already know about the following WCF specific forum to get the PeerChannel specific questions answered.



    What OS configurations will these nodes be running on?

    what kind of network topologies are you intending to support? will there be nodes behind DMZs that participate along with nodes on the internet?

    what kinds of trust relationship is available between the nodes?

    Do you need the pub/sub layer to be persistent and resilient to message loss?

    How big are individual messages?


    these are a few questions to get the discussion rolling. I am sure others will have more as we undestand your scenario.


    Thanks and keep posting Smile

    Ram Pamulapati.

    Monday, September 24, 2007 7:22 PM



    There are industrial SCADA systems that do this very well.  However, in your case, you only want to monitor data.  The following link shows such a product (I'm the R&D manager) and how P2P is used in the real world.  Its focused on oil and gas (onshore and offshore production), but we do monitor weather stations and power systems too.




    Hope this helps



    Microsoft MVP - Windows Networking (P2P)

    Wednesday, October 3, 2007 7:11 PM