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  • I want to add some buttons to a page in my app. These are to both allow an action and indicate state.

    For example I want these:

    1. A button that can be used to mute/unmute the current device.

    2. A button that can be used to play/pause/stop the current device.

    I want the symbol on the button to change as a result of the button being used to alter that state. Now I can use AppBarButtons rather than basic Buttons, but these won't be appearing on a command or app bar but in the page itself, is it OK to use AppBarButtons like this this or must the only be used on a command/app bar?

    There are two AppBarButton icon names of relevance to muting: "Mute" and "Volume", so how does one define a single button but bind the image to a state? Is it ideal to use a converter method that returns the icon name as a string depending upon the underlying (bool) muted property?


    Wednesday, October 30, 2013 6:11 PM

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