VS2005: detail table update RRS feed

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  • Hi there,

    I used DataSet designer to generate my TableAdapters and DataTables...etc

     I have a mster table Tickets and child table TicketPortions


    In my code I create a new DataTable tickets that I fill with tickets rows




    I update the DB without any problem using



    Here is my need:

    I also need to update the DataBase table: TicketPortions (the detail table) in one shot


    How do I do that, pls?


    Because my tickets collection (well a datatable) has for example certain rows (number of tickets). Each row has a certain number of child: ticketPortions rows


    I don t want to loop in the tickets collection and call:

    TicketsPortions.UPdate on each ticket.TicketsPortions.

    I want to call update in one shot for all the ticketPortions of all my tickets


    I also try to create a new DataTable: ticketsPortions in order to fill it with  the ticketPortions of all my tickets

    But I says: columnId of the ticketsPortions class is read only


    Sorry if i m a bit confused, m new to .Net 2.0 and objectDatasource techniques


    Thannks a lot for your help.


    Thanks a lot

    Monday, July 30, 2007 3:35 PM