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    I have started looking into the Azure RemoteApp preview feature to see if I could implement support in FreeRDP. I have installed the demo client from https://www.remoteapp.windowsazure.com/ClientDownload/WindowsDemo.aspx and started playing with it.

    The client appears to be fetching .rdp files using a protocol similar to MS-RDWR but I have no way of making sure that it is indeed MS-RDWR at this point. I found the locally cached .rdp files on the file system and tried launching them with mstsc without success, same with FreeRDP. With mstsc, I'm getting the password prompt, but entering credentials normally used with azure doesn't work. After inspecting of the content of the .rdp files, I could find a few undocumented values and options which I'd like to know more about and how they related to the protocol.


    Later in the file there is "redirectdirectx:i:1" which is an old option that I never figured out what it was doing. There is also the new option "eventloguploadaddress:s:https://www.remoteapp.windowsazure.com:444/webUpload?mohoroId=b72e4297-5d1a-4439-9ac3-37f75aeb4f0a" which is self-descriptive.

    The client ships with adal.dll, which looks like a native version of the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL). Value 6 for the Gateway Credentials Source is undocumented, the last documented value being 5. I could not find documentation for Gateway Brokering Type, and all I could find I google was references to value 0 being used but not value 1.

    It looks like Azure RemoteApp may be using a new form of gateway authentication, which I can only guess to be done using the Active Directory Authentication Library at this point.

    Knowing this, here is my question: what kind of protocol updates and requirements should be expected for Azure RemoteApp support? Does it require the RDP8.1 RemoteApp enhancements? Is the RDP8 gateway protocol (the one with UDP support) required? Will there be a new authentication protocol for Azure RemoteApp (the new value 6)?

    Thank you!

    Wednesday, May 21, 2014 8:45 PM

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