Is it possible to restrict a Project Server user to baseline any project on the basis of its project level custom field? RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    In my work place, I have a scenario like this...

    System Background:

    I am working on Project Server 2007.

     There are two types of Project categories in our project server environment, suppose-ProjectCategory1 and ProjectCategory2(which we select by the "Project category" custom field ) .  

    And there are two security groups-

    Group1(who is having both the rights to “Save Protected Baseline” and “Save Unprotected Baselines”) 

    Group2(Who Is having the right only to “Save Unprotected baselines”).

     Both the group's members can see all the projects available in the project server environment.


    If a user is related to the Group1(which is having both the rights- Save Protected Baseline and Save Unprotected Baseline) and he is trying to update a project which is related to ProjectCategory1, then user should be able to save all the baselines whether it is protected or unprotected.

    But If a user is trying to update a project which is related to ProjectCategory2, then in that case, that user should only be able to save unprotected baseline. In this case it doesn't matter to which group he belongs, whether he belongs to Group1 or Group2 or Both the groups.

    Note : while user related to the Group1 having both the rights to save Protected as well as Unprotected baselines. So he can also save the Protected baseline. Which is not required in the case of all the project which are related to ProjectCategory2.

    In this scenario, i think, first of all we need to check with two things-one is the Project Category custom field value(is the project related to ProjectCategory1 or ProjectCategory2) and other is the Logged in user's security groups(is the user related to Group1 or Group2 or Both the groups ). Then we have to apply the baseline permission to the user on the basis of project category and the security group. But i don't know how to implement it.

    Is there any way to complete the requirement?  please help me out to get the solution for the same.



    Friday, October 7, 2011 1:17 PM

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