Microsoft UI Automation - Problem statement


  • Dear Folks.

    I am pretty new to, "GUI Test Automation”, hence, seek your help at this juncture. At the moment, I am being asked to write a utility that will:

    • First read all the window controls on the form and store them in the excel.
      • Enter test data in the worksheet created against the controls that i need to automate
    • And later,READ  (Test) input in the  excel worksheet and set values to controls on my WinFrom(kind of-Automate or simulate input entry)

    So far ,I have been able to automate many controls using White Automation framework which is a layer above Microsoft UI Automation.However,I am not able to find support for all the other controls,e.g.

    -Month Calendar


    Well now ,I think of  using Microsoft UI Automation for automating rest of the controls. There are couple of  queries popping up in my mind which i need to confirm from experts.

    Firstly, Am I right when i think in this direction?

    Secondly, I feel a requirement to use both White and Microsoft UI automation so that any one of the two can provide me a solution for a particular control. Could anybody please suggest any pattern, that can assist me utilizing both efficiently.

    Here is what I am trying to achieve (I appreciate your suggestions in this regard)

    • Launch the application under test from my tool (load assembly)
    • Capture all the controls and their respective handles ,insert them into an excel sheet
    • Enter  test data in the excel sheet manually  against these controls (making it sort of testcase doc)
    • Then my code Sets these controls on my form after reading from excel

    However i have to do this for all the controls


    Tuesday, June 18, 2013 6:01 AM