Get & Store Information In mySQL Online Databse From App RRS feed

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  • Hi I am just about to give up on this one, trash all the code I wrote and go develop elsewhere. I do not know what there is left to do but I have been searching for days now and can not find a solution to my question. My question is simple how do we pull data from and store data to an already existing online mySQL database?

    I am using Visual Studio 2013 Express, I am developing in C#, and I am not willing to pay for Azure. I have heard others mention OData but I do not even know where to begin and can not even find a tutorial that will take me step by step.

    My program is simple it pulls and stores information from 2 tables with a max of 8 columns why is this so hard to do. I had it working perfectly with but it failed certification with a reference to the mySQL Connector.

    I don't mean to sound mean but please only answer this question if it is helpful information or a tutorial on how to do this. Please don't answer this question with one word saying OData or WCF. I already know and read about them I need to know how to create something and import it in my project I already have.


    Saturday, March 29, 2014 10:15 PM