How to establish a function; f(x), and get solutions for various domain values (of x). RRS feed

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  • Actually, i have a few questions as are related to a Precalcus class I'm taking.  First and foremost though, i wanted to say how excited i am about my MsMath4.0; (to me) it blows away my TI-89 (and I certainly expected it to).  For one, i can read it!!!

    Question #1:
    I just can't seem to figure out how to establish a function; e.g. f(x)=x^2- 3x+5, (or whatever fx), and then arbitrarily set various domain solutions for f(x).  I'm thinking this should be implemented as a parametric graphing option but i just can't get this to work ...

    Question #2:
    Is Synthetic  Division an option; e.g. see the steps.

    Question #3:
    Any automated way to find roots; in higher order polynomials?

    Glenn of xSyLent

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