where i can find detail of Commit charge RRS feed

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  • where i can find detail of Commit charge(windows task manager)

    so that i can kill the process which is taking huage space in PF usage, and slowing my PC.

    i Totalize Mem Usage(507644KB) of all processes but it is low than PF usage(698,944KB), then i added Total kernal memory(51052 KB)in it but it is still low almost(140248KB),

    Then i Totalize the values of VM Size Column of Task manager(602672KB), but it was still less near about 100MB from PF Usage(698,944KB) or (Commit Charge 682MB) Value of Task Manager.

    My Total installed physical memory is 785840KB(767MB)

    i am using window xp spack3.

    Compaq EVO piv 1.8,1.7 Ghz Processor

    HardDisk size 40 GB, size of C (windows)partition is 20 GB, out of which 7Gb is still Free


    Thursday, May 13, 2010 11:29 AM